Chic Oversized Clutches

Love, love oversized clutches. They are an absolute must-have accessory.  Pick one that suits your mood or style. I have one of each - Neutral, Exotic, Color Blocked and Bright and still can't have enough. Most of these chic carry-alls can fit a wallet, cell phone, lipstick, keys (a diaper and wipes, if necessary too!)


Wide Leg Pants

Give your jeans a rest this summer and try this season's trend of wide leg pants! Try a pair in a graphic print in neutral colors like this pair from Fraiche. Wear it with a bright top, flats and fun jewelry for the day or then spice it up at night with metallic accessories and a sexy cropped metallic top. With wide leg pants, it's important to wear either a fitted top or one that is tucked in to give the illusion of curves otherwise, it might look like you are wearing a bag!


Beautiful Sunglasses – Summer 2013

After three weeks of vacation, I am back loaded with tons to write about.  Summer time to me just means a new pair of cool sunglasses, an updated skincare routine, a fresh summer scent and of course a spanking new wardrobe so look out for some posts on all those topics! Lets start with sunglasses. I do have a  love affair with sunglasses.....they complete any outfit, define your style instantly, protect those beautiful eyes and are the ultimate accessory!


The Versatility of a Chambray Shirt!

Invest in a Chambray Shirt this summer. This extremely versatile piece comes in many different styles (fitted, sleeveless, oversized, faded etc) and price points.


Mother’s Day Bling!

David Yurman's Starburst Ring
Love Mother's Day! I wish it happened more than once a year because that would just feel right:-) Since I am in a bling-y type of mood, I am sharing my top picks for gifts in bling! ...continue reading the story called Mother’s Day Bling!


Fashion faux pas!

Even lifestyle bloggers can have a fashion faux-pas day! Add it to my top ten, please. I went for my daughter's 2nd grade field trip to a farm dressed like I was out to a girl's luncheon!
My outfit for the farm!
While most parents were dressed for the occasion in hiking clothes and shoes, I came dressed in Hudson's bootcut jeans, Splendid Kimono-style top, a nice necklace and my Burberry flats! To my defense, I clearly missed the dress code in the materials sent to the parents and I had no idea what the field trip was going to be about! Our day comprised of gardening, a two hour nature hike, picnic by a stream and last but not least visiting the farm animals. I clearly was not dressed for THE OCCASION but my take away.. you can look stylish anywhere, anytime....even on a farm! Oh well.... you live and learn. I have no blisters and I came back in one piece  - here's a quick snapshot of my feet to prove it! Do share if you have had a fashion faux pas day....will make me feel a tad bit better!