Take a trip up the Northern California Coastline

I love the Northern Coast of California probably as much as the southern coast. While it's much colder and foggier, the scenic views are simply stunning. It's a place where ocean fog rolls in to blanket hushed redwood forests and whales spout offshore. ...continue reading the story called Take a trip up the Northern California Coastline


Disneyland Survival Guide!

My family and I were brave enough to go to Disneyland during the week of Spring Break. It's no cake walk battling crowds and standing in long lines with little kids; however, with a little bit of planning ahead, you can have your magical Disney experience during the busiest of times too!  I learned a lot about planning my Disney visit during my six hour car journey from the Bay Area to Disneyland, some of which I wish I had known earlier. ...continue reading the story called Disneyland Survival Guide!


I Love London!

If you haven't visited London then add it to your list of places to visit. There's something there for everyone (kids, teenagers, adults, singles, foodies, shopaholics, turbo tourists etc etc) plus there is no language barrier 🙂  Plan on spending at least 3-5 days if not more. 


Wine Tasting in Napa

My love for good wine is no secret and I feel very blessed to live near some of the best wine producing regions in the world. Drinking fabulous wine is such a privilege ...few things compete with it. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to visit many wineries in Napa but my most recent visit (past weekend) was probably my favorite because we really planned it out in advance. We love big Napa reds so we picked the following wineries to visit. Each winery was unique in its own way and a pleasure to visit.


The Natural Beauty of Yosemite

Just four hours east of San Francisco, you'll find the magnificence of nature at Yosemite. This national park can truly be described as heaven on earth and is the perfect getaway if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful vacation. ...continue reading the story called The Natural Beauty of Yosemite


Paris – Je t’aime!

Paris is the most enchanting, fabulous, romantic and aesthetically beautiful city in the world. There aren't enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe my love affair with this city! It truly has it all - gorgeous art & architecture, amazing food, fantastic shopping, and an incredible amount of attitude 🙂


Kids Activity: Steam Engine Train Ride!

Looking for a fun excursion in the Bay Area with your train-loving kids?
Here's one worth checking out - Roaring Camp Railroads in Felton, California.
Pick either the Redwood Forest Steam Train Ride (1.15 hrs) or the Santa Cruz Beach Train Ride (3 hrs). They also have special rides like a Starlight Evening Train Ride or a Great Robbery Train Ride.
We tried the Steam train ride, which was a lot of fun for kids and adults.
The property has a duck pond and large picnic grounds so you can easily spend half a day on site.
Once a year, they have a Thomas the Tank Engine Day - must visit for Thomas-crazed kids!

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My love Affair with Gelato!

Gelato, which is simply Italian for “frozen,” is god's gift to mankind or at least to me! While the "trend" right now is to eat Frozen Yogurt, I guess I am an old school gal or maybe my love for all things Italian, just can't keep me away from this delicious frozen treat.
If you are wondering what the difference between Gelato and ice cream is -  less air is added when making gelato than when making ice cream and gelato uses more milk, less cream and often adds egg yolks. So the ambrosial outcome is denser, with more intense flavor and—miraculously—less fat. The fact that it’s best served slightly soft, and not quite as cold as everyday ice cream, just makes it that much easier to enjoy.
When we were in Italy, my family and I made it a point to find gelaterias in the smallest of towns for our afternoon treat. Fragola (strawberry) was my seven year olds favorite while anything with chocolate, nuts or caramel was mine. My husband was the most adventurous and tried flavors like fig, amaretto, cantaloupe, all of which were amazing!
Here are some of our favorite finds in Italy.

La Carraia, Florence
Gelaterias in Italy:
Florence - Gelateria La Carraia
Milan - Shockolat
Capri - Buonocore Gelateria
San Gimignano - Gelateria di Piazza 
Venice - La Mela Verde
Rome - Tre Scalini

Other Noteworthy Gelaterias:
Berthillon, Paris
Paris - Berthillon
New York - Amorino
San Diego - Gelato Vero
Los Angeles - Al Gelato
Scottsdale - Amore
Palo Alto - Gelato Classico