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Inspirational Women Series: Meet Ula

image (3)Who: Ula Ghosheh, Zumba Instructor Extraordinare! Why: I love the fact that a Palestinian engineer from Carnegie Mellon is now a successful Zumba entrepreneur with a fanfare that is growing by leaps and bounds. There were so many things I learned about Ula while interviewing her but what stuck with me the most is that she attributes her success in life to the support of her loved ones....her parents for giving her the opportunity at a young age to attend University in the States, her husband for supporting her decision to walk away from a six figure income to try something new and lastly her friends for giving her the courage to start her own Zumba classes!!!!! However, without Ula's perseverance and determined spirit, none of this would’ve been possible. ...continue reading the story called Inspirational Women Series: Meet Ula