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Ahhh the joy of a good facial!

I had a facial this weekend and my skin feels pampered and refreshed.
I recently wrote about developing a skin care routine and if you are over the age of 30, consider having facials on a regular basis. Your skin would certainly benefit from a regular deep cleanse.

One mistake I made was to not have a relationship with one esthetician so when I started having issues with my skin, I was going crazy trying to figure out what to do. So if you do find an esthetician you like,  visit them regularly so they become familiar with your skin and can help you when you are having issues.

On my quest for looking for estheticians, I tried a few and really liked my last experience at a salon in Palo Alto.

Parasol Beauty Atelier
470 Hamilton Avenue
Palo Alto, CA

It's a small, quaint little salon that specializes in skin care and beauty treatments run by this lovely, knowledgeable lady called Julice.

She also has Laura working with her, who is new to the salon and is trying to build out her client base.  They recently did a Groupon for a Balancing Therapy Facial ($125 value) for $49 which she offered to extend to any of my readers. This is only valid with Laura.

I highly recommend it. I liked the skincare line they used and Laura was very knowledgeble and answered my gazillion questions very honestly and patiently!

If you don't live in my area, best way to find a good esthetician is through referrals so hope you find somebody you like and they treat your skin extra good 🙂


Dress for the Occasion – Try Rent the Runway!

The first time I ever heard about Rent the Runway was at my husband's holiday party where one of his co-workers was wearing this absolutely stunning gown and I must've complimented her a dozen times when she finally told me that she had actually rented her gorgeous dress from this site.
Photo Credit: Rent the Runway
So of course, I had to come home and check it out and was excited with this new discovery.
Although they have been around since 2009, somehow it wasn't on my radar.

Rent the Runway is a cool concept for women who love high fashion and love to dress up but don't necessarily want to buy dress after dress especially as they don't like to repeat their outfits!

I have only rented from them once but the experience was very pleasant and if I were more organized, I can see myself using their site more often as I do love to dress up and not repeat my outfits!

Here's why I like it -

  • Abundant choice: They claim to have over 25,000 dresses from 150 designers so you are bound to find something.
  • Complete Package: They have a great collection of accessories from bags to jewelry to shoes to wraps so you can pretty much rent your entire outfit.
  • Great website: Their site is really well laid out, so finding a dress it easy. You can search by occasion, style, body type, designer and many other factors.
  • Access to Stylists: They have stylists available who can help you find a perfect dress for your occasion.
  • Excellent Customer Service: They send you a second dress size for free and if none of the sizes fit you, they give you a full merchandize credit!

Next time you are in a bind, give it a shot. I think its a great option, if you have a lot of events, black tie parties with the same crowd or just want to try new styles and designers. 


Loving Blow Dry Bars….

Bay Area people.....we finally have what LA and NY folks have been enjoying for a while now.

Blow dry bars! A place to walk in and out in 45 minutes with an awesome blow out for a reasonable price of $35. Whether you have a girl's night out, a hot dinner date or an important business meeting, beautifully blown out hair feels amazing.
Credit: Halo 

Halo Blow Dry Bar is a great concept and in a short time has opened three locations already.
Palo Alto
Menlo Park

They offer a variety of styles of blow outs from a high volume to a sleek and straight option to a low volume with curls option so give it a try. Its fairly easy to get an appointment and costs the same amount as getting a pedicure.

As any new business, they have some issues to work out as double booking appointments or not matching the right stylist for your hair so my suggestion would be to make an appointment before you go (even though they claim to be ok with walk-ins) and if you have thick hair or anything specific in mind, mention it while making an appointment so you get matched with an appropriate stylist. Once you find a stylist you like, then stick with them for future appointments as they get familiar with your hair and can do a quick blow out.

I have found it hard to get an appointment with my regular hairdresser for a blow out as that is not their priority so I am truly happy about blow dry bars!!!!

Menlo Park Location
Photo Credit: Halo