Birthday Celebration Dilemma!

Recently I was chatting with a friend of mine whose birthday was coming up and the question came up about what is the right thing to do when celebrating your birthday with friends in a restaurant/bar.   I have noticed this is a common dilemma that comes up often (maybe more so with women than men!) so after some research, many conversations with men and women, and adding my own two cents here's the basic synopsis.
THE DILEMMA - Most women/men want to celebrate their birthday with a group of friends BUT they are not in a position to pay for drinks and dinner for the entire group. However, they feel awkward because they sent out the invitation to get together for their birthday which might imply (to some) that they are hosting. Plus if their friends get them presents then it's even more awkward:-) THE OPTIONS - Here are a few ways to avoid an awkward situation. 1. Ask a close friend to send the invitation for your birthday. This takes the pressure off you as being the hostess and you can relax and enjoy.  2. If the above is not an option, then when you send your birthday invitation, make it clear that you'd like to celebrate with your close friends and that would be your most precious gift. Specify no gifts please. 3. If you love gifts and are not willing to forgo them 🙂 Invite just 2-3 close friends and when the bill comes, offer to pay it but if they insist on taking you out, accept graciously.  THE DEAL BREAKER - The deal breaker for most people was if a husband or partner sent the birthday invite and then allowed the friends to split the bill. This was not perceived very well by the friends! I hope this post answered some of your questions. I know this is a sticky situation for most. Would love to hear from you if you feel there is another way to handle this delicate situation!

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