Color for Men!

Am loving all the color popping up for men this Spring.

If you are looking for just a hint of color, then try a cool pair of colorful socks.
Hook & Albert Socks Available at Nordstrom's

If you are more adventurous, then add color via brightly colored oxfords or sneakers.
1901 Oxfords available at Nordstrom's

And if you are not color-shy then go all out in colored denim.
Colored Denim available at Armani Exchange

Either way, a little color goes a long way!


Dress up your man for Fall!

I have done many posts on Women's Fall Fashion so here's one for the man in your life!
The secret to a well dressed man, is a woman. Doesn't always have to be his wife, it can be his mother or even his daughter. Trust me, I speak from experience:-) 
Its easy for men to always go for the same look but you can help them by making a few tweaks in their closet this Fall.

Quilted Vest
This versatile piece is timeless. Pick one that is a bit shrunken this Fall.

Anything Cashmere
Ahhh the warmth of cashmere. Sweaters, scarves or socks..anything works.

So many choices in outerwear. Go for a leather moto jacket or a nylon puffer jacket or a wool peacoat or a corduroy sports coat - whatever suits your personality.

Colored Pants
Colored Pants are so in fashion right now. The top fall colors are purple, camel, burgundy, hunter green or grey.

Men's Fall Fashion Trends