My favorite Online Shopping sites….

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are around the here are some of my favorite online shopping sites in case you are thinking of doing some serious damage just sitting on your couch in your PJs and clicking away ūüôā

Happy online shopping!


  • - Nordstrom's-owned daily flash sales site with great deals for everyone in the family!
  • -¬†The British store stocks its own inexpensive collection and thousands more hipster-friendly items from brands like Fred Perry, All Saints, and Barbour
  • - One stop shop for fierce fashionistas
  • Belle and - Higher-end daily flash sales site carrying brands like Gucci, Lanvin, etc.


Makeup & Skincare 


  • - Great selection and deals for all your basic home, outdoor & patio, kids & baby, fitness and office needs!
  • - Unique, one of a kind finds for your home.
  • Serena & - From bath to bedding to home accessories to furniture.
  • Dwell - Modern with a retro twist type decor and furniture
  • - William's Sonoma's new outdoor online store

Entertaining & Gifts 


Packing Tips for a Beach Vacation

Our family loves going on beach vacations as its a win-win formula for everyone involved.
The key for packing for a beach vacation is picking clothes that can be used in versatile ways. For example, your beach coverup when paired with accessories and heels can be worn to dinner as well or your one piece bathing suit worn with denim cut offs or a long skirt can be used as a day outfit. Its also important to pack fabrics that are durable and wrinkle free.

Here's my stress-free packing guide for a  five day trip -

  • Bathing Suits: Pick an assortment that you can mix and match.
  • Coverups: Pack at least three. Some coverups can double up as dresses for the evening when worn with heels and accessories.
  • Denim Cut offs: These worn over a one piece bathing suit can double up as a day outfit.¬†
  • Jewelry: Bangles, necklaces, hoop earrings, cocktail rings can help dress up any outfit.
  • Beach Hat: A big floppy hat looks glamorous and protects your face from the sun.
  • Sunglasses: Pack at least two - a sporty style and a trendy style.
  • Light, summer scarf.
  • Shoes: Can never pack enough but I usually carry flip flops, flat sandals, metallic heels and tennis shoes.
  • Leather jacket for cooler evenings.
  • Dressy evening clutch.
  • Fun beach bag to tote all your essentials to the pool or beach.
  • Makeup: Neutral lipstick, tinted moisturizer, bronzer, mascara, black eyeliner.
  • Sunblock

Here are a few Images I found online that best show what your beach wardrobe should look like!


The World of Scarves!

Scarves are the most versatile accessory and can help complete any outfit. They can be worn all year long with all the different fabrics available from linen to silk to wool to cashmere and can be worn in so many ways that the sky is literally the limit.
Heavier or thicker scarves look better with outerwear, while the lighter ones look great with a t-shirt or a sweater.
Some of my favorites ways to wear a scarf is with jeans, tee, and a blazer or then with a dress and a jacket or even with my workout clothes.
Here are a few of my favorite ways to tie a scarf:

Simple tie. Best with your winter coat's collar turned up and the scarf lying under the collar to help secure it.
One loop around. Wrap long scarf once around neck.
Loop around and knot. Fold a large triangular scarf or shawl with fringe in half with the points in front. Wrap around back once and tie in front. 
Bib style. Take a square scarf and fold in half. Tie in back. 
Shawl wrap. Drape around your shoulders and tie in front. Or leave one end longer and sweep it over your shoulder for more drama and warmth. 
Fold, tie, and loop. Fold long scarf in half lengthwise, wrap around your neck, and pull the ends through   

Below are some pictures of scarves tied in some of my favorite ways:

Some of my favorite scarf designers are:
Burberry - For their signature Nova Check Cashmere scarf
Gucci - For their signature GG scarves that come in a wide variety of fabrics and sizes
Hermes - For their silk scarves that can be worn even as a top or a head bandana
Diane Von Furstenberg - For her vibrant patterned scarves
Emilio Pucci - For their signature abstract colorful scarves
Missoni - For their signature scarves.


What’s your Style?

Your style is personal. Your style defines you. Your style is the expression of your personality. 
No single look is right for everybody in all situations. Even when people have the same profession they may express their unique personality through their style. What feels the best often looks the best.  
As a woman, I think its important to be stylish and please don't mistake that for being trendy or fashionable or high maintenance. Being stylish is about being put together no matter what the occasion or time of day.
Do you wonder what your style is?

Glamourous Style
If you like glamourous style then more than likely you like to wear romantic flowy, feminine clothing, soft make-up and your overall look is pretty. Ruffles, lace, and velvet attracts you.  Girly accents attract you. You prefer long, flowy hair. Accents with bows, delicate jewelry, and oversized sun glasses are all up your alley. Celebrities: Jessica Alba

Classic Style
The classic look never goes out of style. It is timeless beautiful. Women with classic style prefer clothes that are simple, elegant, beautifully cut in fine natural fabrics. They like beautifully made shoes and handbags. Tradition is important. A classic woman may wear a black Armani suit, black turtleneck and a black slack. Although she won’t be the flashiest person in a room, she will always look good. Celebrities: Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie

Dramatic Style
Women with dramatic style tend to be self-confident and flamboyant. They wear defined eye makeup and use their face like an artist beautifies a canvas. The Dramatic fashion style tends to have a sophisticated and modern look. High Fashion- or Dramatic or Creative Fashion Personality:  They like to make a statement with clothing and jewellery.  They may like trying different hair styles and colors. They prefer clothing styles that are simple but sexy. Celebrities: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj

Trendy Style

Women with trendy style are bold, carefree and confident. They often dress by mixing different clothes and patterns together. The present and what‚Äôs ‚Äúin‚ÄĚ are important to her. They are influenced by celebrity fashion, fashion magazines, and fashion designers. They know how to have fun with fashion, and are true ‚Äúfashionistas.‚ÄĚ Celebrities: ¬†Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller

Casual Style
Women who have a casual style lean towards T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, and pants. They like stretch fabrics and elastic waistbands because of the comfort factor. Women with this style have a wholesome look. They wear minimal make-up, with maybe a touch of lipstick or mascara. Their clothing is comfortable and cosy and are a time-less Fashion Personality. 


Swimsuit Shopping Tips

Summer is here which means its time to go swimsuit shopping!
I am not going to lie but buying a swimsuit is the most PAINFUL experience, one that I don't look forward to at all but my family and I love beach vacations so its something I just can't avoid.

I try to have a glass of wine before swimsuit shopping, it takes the edge off plus I take a pair of wedges as it just helps ūüôā
Before you go shopping, the best thing you can do is to be honest with yourself so ask these questions -
1. What is my least favorite body part?
2. What is my best asset?
3. What is my style?
Once you have figured out what you absolutely want to camouflage and what you'd like to show off then picking a bathing suit to match your style will be easier.

Here are the most common ways to pick a swimsuit -
If you want to.......

Enhance a small bust - then add volume to your top and balance your bottom. 
Suits that suit you best:
- Padded tops- Frills, ruffles or ruching along bustline- Horizontal lines- Patterns (big or small)- Solid bikini bottoms
Detract from wide hips - then keep the focus on the top area.
Suits that will suit you best:
- Solid-color bottom with a printed top
- Skirted bottoms with a sexy tankini or bikini
a low-cut suit with a plunging neckline

Camouflage a belly - then cinch your waist, draw your eyes away from your stomach, or camouflage it. 
Suits that will suit you best:
- Solid black or black color blocks- Belted or have a faux wrap- Bold florals or patterns, primarily in darker colors- Details on the bust- Tankinis that cover stomach
Minimize a big chest - then camouflage your top and balance your shape. 
Suits that suit you best:
- Those that support your bust- Customized bikini tops in your bra size
- Halter tops
- Underwire or wider straps- Dark tops, brighter or patterned bottoms
Appear Curvaceous - then give your body some curves. Suits that suit you best:- Cut outs around the mid-section- One shoulder suits- Suits with small patterns- Halter or sweetheart necklines- Color blocks
Here are some of my favorite swimsuits for this summer:
These swimsuits are good for many different types of figures.It could work for bustier women because of the support and halter neckline. But it could also would work for a small bust because of the padding and lift as well as the print. And because of the high waisted bottom, it could work for a woman who wants to camouflage some lower belly fat too. I love the retro prints and polka dots pattern.
JCrew Hot  dot Underwire Halter top and bottom
$ 52 each

Cote D'Azur Cherry Stargazer top & bottom
$88 each

This swimsuit is perfect for camouflaging a belly because of the blouson shape on top. I love the elegant look and color and would look really nice against a tanned skin tone. 
This swimsuit emsemble is good for women with wider hips and heavier thighs. The skirted bottom provides good coverage for all the areas that need it. If you have a heavier mid-section area then opt for a tankini otherwise choose a nice bikini!

Profile by Gottex Ruffle Tankini & Skirted Bottom
$78 each
Profile by Gottex Top & Bottom
$78 each

This gorgeous swimsuit by Spanx is flattering overall. It is made with the signature Spanx body contouring technology which will give the wearer a gorgeous hourglass waist enhanced even more by geometric patterns in gray and black. The beautiful and sexy style on the upper body would be a beautiful top worn with high waisted jeans or a pencil skirt making it the perfect two-in-one item.  

I love swimwear by Pucci! Its vibrant, sexy and so JLO ūüôā Its perfect for women who are petite built.
Pucci Green Bandean Bikini & Bottom
Pucci Yellow Asymmetrical Bandeau One Piece


Handbags – A Girl’s Real Best Friend!

I can't believe that I've been blogging for almost 2 months and haven't written a single piece on handbags. I have so much to say on this subject that I don't know where to start!
Over the years, I have probably influenced the decision making process of most of my close friends and family in purchasing at least one of their bags if not more - they know to come to me ūüôā

Out of all the accessories, we use on a daily basis, I believe our handbags are most prominent and define our style at a glance then come the other accessories like sunglasses, watches, shoes and belts.
I'm not much of a shopper on a whim for a bag, I do tend to put a lot of thought and effort into what is going to be toted around for a while.So without further adieu, I'm going to share how I approach looking for a new handbag!

1. By Color

It really helps to know beforehand what color handbag you are looking for. If you don't know, then look at what you already own and think about getting something different. If you prefer to stick with neutral colors and have been carrying a black bag then buy a brown or a grey bag. If you like bright colors, pick a different color from what you have been carrying.

2. By Style

Once you know what color you want, you need to decide what style you are most comfortable with. Here are a list of questions to ask yourself to help pick a style:
  • Do I prefer to carry my purse on my shoulder, in my hands or across my body?
  • Do I want a statement bag or is that not a priority?
  • Do I want leather, exotic skin, or a different texture bag?
  • Do I prefer structured or slouchy bags?
  • Do I want a large or small bag?
  • Do I want a bag with multiple pockets for easy compartmentalizing?
Having figured out your requirements will make it easier for you to pick from the following basic styles-
Shoulder bags - 
Any bag that can be carried on the shoulder by a strap or handles.
    Louis Vuitton
Totes - One of the staples of any woman’s wardrobe. The tote bag has a large open top with two straps or handles, very popular for the beach and casual wear. Tote bags can be colorful, in all manner of fabrics or classic leather for business or more versatile everday wear.
Top Handles - These bags tend to be structured in style and have sturdy handles to make it easy to carry by hand on hang it on the wrist.
Louis Vuitton
Hobo - A soft, slouchy (usually crescent shaped) shoulder bag.
Diane Von Furstenberg
Crossbody bags - Typically smaller in size, these bags are meant to be worn across the body to allow you to be hands-free while on the go.
Satchels - A hard framed, handheld handbag reminiscent of a school satchel, some have a shoulder strap.
Clutches - The go anywhere rectangular evening bag designed to be held or tucked underneath the arm. Many variations in all sized and fabrics have emerged over the years. The clutch bag has become just as versatile for daytime as evening wear, and oversized clutches are now hitting the runways in line with today’s current trend for big bags.
Alexander McQueen

3. By Price

Always have a budget in mind while bag shopping otherwise you'll never make a decision. It will also help you narrow which brands or designers you should be looking at.

4. By Brand

Some people prefer to start by picking the brand first as they are loyal to a particular designer or brand but I like to know the other parameters first and then see who has the best bag that meets all my requirements. There are certain designers that are known for a particular style, which is called a signature bag.

Here are a few signature bags that are noteworthy-

Hermes Birkin Bag
The Hermes Birkin bag is named after the iconic actress Jane Birkin. The Birkin is the symbol of ultimate luxury, due in part to it’s exposure of popular television shows as Sex and the City. An authentic Birkin costs upwards of $16,000 and can have a waiting time of up to two years.

Chanel Flap Bag 

The Chanel flap bag has been a classic for years and years. Here we see it in quilted grey lambskin. Often called the 2.55 purse as there are two flaps, the flap bag is available in lambskin or caviar leather in a variety of colors. Since Chanel decided to make fewer pieces of this classic design, often you have to put your name on a waitlist to buy it.

Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag
This luxurious bag features monogrammed canvas with goldtone hardware. Its roomy style and classic shape make it a top choice in bags. This iconic handbag is the perfect option if you are looking for a classic everyday bag. Prices start at $800 making it quite affordable!


Chloe Paddington Bag
This was created by designer Phoebe Philo in 2005. It may be considered the quintessential ‚ÄúBoho-Chic‚ÄĚ bag due to it‚Äôs famous owner‚Äôs such as Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, who are known for their bohemian style. A leather Paddington usually costs around $1,500.

Balenciaga Arena City Bag
This bag is a little downtown chic and is roomy enough to fit everything and anything you would ever need and it has cool studded detailing to add a modern, edgy feel. Not to mention that it happens to come in every color of the rainbow, adding a fun pop of color to brighten up any wardrobe. These bags sell in stores from about $1,400 - $3,000. When factoring in exotic skins such as crocodile, these bags can be over $17,000. 

Fendi Baguette Bag
This bag was first coveted in the late 1990s. Named after the French baguette because of its slimline shape, with its ability to be carried under the arm, like the French lovingly transport their baguettes.The popularity of the bag saw the Fendi group releasing 10th anniversary versions in 2007 with 10 new colors and a blank white canvas all purpose version which was accompanied with 10 Pantone color marker pens to allow women to truly personalize their own Baguette bag. 

And here's the age old question that always comes up - how many bags can a woman own. Simple answer- never too many!
But if it helps, a more specific answer would be a woman needs at least three different bags in her wardrobe. A large, practical tote or shoulder bag, a clutch purse for evenings and medium sized bag which is versatile for all manner of daywear.


How to pick the right pair of jeans!

Ahhhhh! the love affair with jeans - we love to own them but hate to buy them!
They are a closet staple but even women who love wearing jeans may have trouble finding the right pair that compliments their body type best. 
There are so many factors to take under consideration - body type (pear shaped, hour glass, boyish figure), style of jeans (bootcut, skinny, straight, flared), camouflaging a weakness (mid section, lack of curves, lengthen legs) and price point.

Here's some information to keep in mind while jeans shopping. Hopefully it will help you in selecting the perfect pair of jeans!
Buy Jeans According to your Body Type:
Pear Shaped Figure: Pear-shaped girls with curvier hips should steer clear of anything super-tapered and go for a low-rise flare or trouser style. This creates overall balance, which helps keep your hips looking slim and streamlined. 
Rich and Skinny
Sugar Hi Rise in Tahiti
Hour glass Figure:¬†If you are an hourglass, a classic, wide-legged trouser with a mid-rise and flat front will keep¬†you looking slim in all the right places‚ÄĒbut still show off your sexy curves.¬†
7 For All Mankind
High Waist Slim Denim Trouser in Atlantic Twilight Wash

Boy Figure: If your body is more straight up and down, opt for a mid-rise jean with a slight boot-cut opening or flare to create a curvier silhouette from top to bottom.
Express Refrock Boot Cut Jean

Buy Jeans based on the style:
 These jeans flare slightly at the bottom, which is flattering on many women. The slight flare -- not a bell-bottom flare -- balances out large hips and heavy derrières. Boot-cut jeans look great with a wide variety of shoes, from clogs to sandals.

7 For All Mankind Skinny Bootcut in Malibu Sands
Wide-leg: With a fitted waist, wide-leg jeans can be a stylish alternative to your other jeans, especially on curvy women and tall women. Remember to balance your wide-leg jeans with a fitted top and heels or wedges with a round toe.

Hudson Gwen Wide Leg in Oldmill
Straight-leg: Straight-leg jeans are not as baggy as wide leg jeans, but they share the same stovepipe shape that lacks any flare at the ankle. The straight line of these jeans gives a long, lean look to your legs.
High Waist Classic Straight Leg
Skinny: Skinny jeans are slim-fitting jeans that are narrow all the way to the ankle, although many women give this name to the jeans they fit into when they have lost weight. You don't have to be rail-thin to wear skinny jeans, though. These are the perfect jeans to wear tucked into a pair of boots because they don't have extra fabric around the ankles.
Nobody Cult Skinny Jean

Boyfriend: With slim hips that sit a little higher and with straight legs, boyfriend jeans are like borrowing a pair from your boyfriend's closet. Because of the relaxed fit, boyfriend jeans can be the perfect casual jeans, or you can cuff them to your calf and wear them with heels for a more playful feeling. These pants look especially good on a woman with an athletic figure.
7 For All Mankind
Josefina Boyfriend Jean
Buy Jeans to flatter your body!
Minimize your midsection 

Look for stiff, not stretchy, denim. These 99% cotton classics won't cling or create the dreaded "muffin top" that more elastic denim does.Avoid: Bold buttons or embellishments at the front pockets.

Thin out your thighs 
Look for flares that'll counterbalance your proportions and draw the eye down. Also, skinny jeans in a dark wash. Avoid: Bleached or faded patches at the thighs, which will make them look larger.
Create some curves
Look for detailed back pockets, which give a flat butt a little dimension.Avoid: Back pockets that are too large, which overwhelm a smaller butt

Lengthen your legsLook for jeans that almost graze the floor, but don't.Avoid: Unruly, too-long hems drown a smaller silhouette, but cuffed or scrunched-up stovepipes emphasize shorter legs. Instead, aim for the Goldilocks sweet spot in the middle.

My Favorite Brands -
  • Hudson Jeans - Love their boot cut, baby bootcut and skinny jeans
  • AG - their jeans flatter pear shaped women the best
  • 7 For All Mankind - excellent bootcut and skinny jeans
  • True Religion - the embellished pocket style are great for boyish figures
  • Paige Premium Denim - great collection of colored, floral and printed jeans this season.
  • Diesel
  • Current Elliott
  • JBrand
  • Rag & Bone
Photo Credit: Bergdorf Goodman


Makeup: Essentials, Brands & Looks.

Makeup is yet another form of self expression. It allows you to creatively express your mood.
When used correctly, makeup helps highlight your best features and makes you feel your best.
So use it to empower yourself, don't treat it as something only required to hide flaws and insecurities.
Have fun with it!

In this post, I'd like to share my list of makeup essentials, my favorite makeup brands for certain products and some of my favorite looks.
Makeup Essentials
Here's my list of essentials that every woman should have in her makeup kit, regardless of age.

1. Makeup brushes - the right brushes help you achieve the best application of makeup. Invest in some good brushes, its completely worth it.
My pick: MAC or Nars
2. Tinted Moisturizer - helps even out the skin tone and provides the canvas for the rest of your makeup.
My pick: Laura Mercier
3. Concealer - conceals blemishes, discolorations and other dark spots. Helps even out skin tone.
My pick: Cle de Peau
4. Under eye brightener - removes the dark under eye circles and evens out the skin tone.
My pick: YSL Touche Eclat
5. Eyebrow pencil - helps fill out any gaps in your brows.
My pick: Anastasia Brow Wiz
6. Tweezers - remove stray hairs on the face and shape your brows.
My pick: Tweezerman
7. Eyelash Curler - use to curl the eyelashes.
My pick: Shu Uemura

My Favorite Makeup Brands
Here's my list of brands that I love for certain products.
Laura Mercier - Awesome brand for base makeup like primer, tinted moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and under eye brightener.

NARS - This brand has highly pigmented makeup so is especially good for olive to dark skin tones. Their blushes are amazing.
MAC - Similar to NARS (highly pigmented) but cheaper in price. I love their lip glosses, eye shadows and water proof liquid eyeliner.

YSL - Absolutely love their lipsticks especially the Volupte Sheer Candy lipsticks. These lipsticks give the hydration of a lip balm with the shine and color payoff of a gloss. 

Chanel - Very nice eye shadows especially the Illusion D'Ombre collection and Chanel Ombre D’eau Fluid Iridescent. These shadows glide across the lids with the greatest of ease.  Can be easily layered for higher impact.

Tom Ford
- small selection of lipsticks (only 12 shades) but fantastic colors. The formula is extremely creamy and is made of an exotic blend of 
chamomilla flower, soja seed extract and Brazilian murumuru butter. I love the packaging too!

Christian Dior - Their 5 color eyeshadow palettes are amazing. The shadows are pigmented, smooth and come in great color combinations. Especially when you are travelling, you get 5 different colors that work well individually or can be used to achieve a cohesive look.

My Favorite Makeup Looks
Here are my three favorite looks achieved with makeup.

1. Natural: The natural makeup look is a look where you have applied makeup but it doesn't look like you are wearing it as it blends well with your complexion and the colors are all very soft and subtle.

2. Smoky Eye: Love this look for the evening. The focus is on the eyes so the rest of the face is fairly neutral. A smoky eye can be achieved with many different colors, not just black and grey.

3. Bold Lip: Bold lips can be worn during the day or night but its critical to wear lip liner to keep the color intact and to pick the right shade for your complexion. I would keep the rest of  my face pretty neutral to keep the focus on the lips.