Cool Mint is Hot Now!

The freshness of the color mint is energizing. Add it to your wardrobe, home or makeup bag for an instant update!
1. ADD IT TO YOUR WARDROBEThis pale, icy green color is gorgeous and can be effortlessly paired with many colors including white, peach, navy, and grey. Whether worn in small doses like a top, jeans or accessories or from head-to-toe, this color is amazing. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate this color to your wardrobe now. Cool Miint is Hot now!
2. ADD IT TO YOUR HOME Use it as an accent wall color, on a piece of furniture or as the focal point in a kitchen or bath.
As an accent wall color
Paint a piece of furniture in this delectable hue
3. ADD IT TO YOUR MAKEUP BAG I love green eyes. If you don't want such a dramatic look, just use it on the lower lashes or upper lid and not both places.

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