D.I.Y Flower Arrangements

Flowers are such a joy - they look lovely, smell lovely and just lift your spirits! Floral arrangements bring life and freshness to all kinds of environments. Many of us just tend to buy flowers in the store and put them in a vase when we get home but think about arranging your flowers in different styles for visual impact and conveying your mood. You can go for a monochromatic look versus a colorful look or a traditional look versus a contemporary look by merely the type of flowers used and container used.  Here are a few of my favorite flower arrangements that are very easy to do on your own.
1. High Impact Arrangement (Monochromatic look)
Buy a dozen peonies of your favorite color. Trim them short and place in a spherical bowl. They appear to be floating in the water. You can use this arrangement by your bedside, on an entryway table or combine 2-3 of these and use them as centerpieces on a rectangular dining table.
2. Monochromatic Flower Arrangement (Monochromatic look)
This concept is easy - match the flowers to the vase but make sure the vase is transparent or translucent for the right impact. In this case, the florist used an old candle that got burnt down and used it as a vase and added a collection of purple flowers for a nice exotic bouquet.
3. Country Garden Arrangement (Traditional look) Fill a vintage pitcher with delicate pink and white roses for a no-fuss, just picked from the garden look. 4. Spring Bounty Arrangement (Traditional Look) I usually tend to like flower arrangements in a single color but this arrangement screams "spring is here". Pick flowers like roses, peonies, dahlias, liliacs and tulips in soft pastel colors  and arrange them in a medium sized cylindrical vase for this lovely look. 5. Trio of Tulips Arrangement (Contemporary Look) This arrangement is great for when you are trying to tie in different colors in a room or a party together. Its very easy and makes a nice impact. Buy a dozen each of three different colors of tulips. Trim them all to the same length and bunch them up and tie with a green colored rubberband. Use a short, rectangular vase, and arrange them as shown in the image below.

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