Decorating Tips for Kids’ Bedrooms

Decorating your Kids' bedroom can be an exciting and overwhelming process. Some parents get caught up in creating a space that is more in line with their tastes and style and forget about the fact it is a "kid's" bedroom...key word being KID!
While I personally love the look of neutral rooms, I think some color is essential for a kids' bedroom as visual stimulation is a key element in a child’s development. 
It is totally possible to create a beautiful room you AND your child will love. Here are a few handy tips and a handful of gorgeous room interiors to inspire you to create a sanctuary for your little ones.
Do create an inviting bed - If you want your kids to sleep in their own room then make sure the bed is inviting and comfy. Start by picking a bed that excites them and add beautiful bedding that reflects their personality and style.
Tree House Inspired Bedroom
Beautiful four poster bed in powder blue
Beautiful bedding by Serena & Lily
Do create some special areas in the roomIf you'd like your kids to spend more time in their room besides just sleeping in it then create some special nooks or areas to encourage reading or doing home work or inspiring creative play like dress up or art.
An inviting reading nook.
This comfy hammock chair is a nice touch for a reading nook too.
A colorful and organized desk space might make homework exciting!
A pretty desk space for your little princess
Love the table by the window for playtime/art projects
A Teepee in the room for a all sorts of fun and imaginative play.
Do find a way to display your kid's art or family photos - Nothing makes them happier than to see their masterpieces, family photos or precious memorabilia displayed and appreciated.
Scan the art work and print out in smaller size and frame.
Boxes lined with paper are super cute and very impactful for displays.
Love a wall full off quirky frames, quotes and family photos


  1. Rachel Neilson
    31/10/13 at 10:20

    Hello, I love your post! Can I ask where you got the hammock chair from?

    • mblife
      31/10/13 at 13:09

      Thanks Rachel. The Grey hammock is from Ikea. Great find at a fabulous price!

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