Do Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Tomorrow is V-Day so take charge and spoil your loved one! While I am "all" for being spoiled and indulged, I also love being the person who does the spoiling and indulging and feeling the happiness that comes with the act. I don't like the pressure that comes with this day, it's truly not about expensive gifts, fancy dinners and forced "I love you's". It's another day when you get to make the person you love feel truly appreciated. So with that spirit in mind, here are a few easy ideas which require minimal planning to help celebrate Valentine's day with your loved one!  My only 2 cents to the women who are reading - DO WEAR RED or HOT PINK!!!! 1. Celebrate over a nice meal - be it breakfast in bed (yes, even on a work day....), surprise lunch (might take some planning with the work folks) or a nice, quiet dinner. 2.  Plan to take a cooking class together - Nothing like cooking together without stress. It truly is an art and a lot of fun. The more you drink while cooking, the better the food tastes! 3. Book a couple's massage followed by dinner - How can one go wrong with this one? Unless your partner doesn't like massages! 4. Play a sport of his/her choice followed by a relaxed dinner - Oh! I know my husband would love this one because he is always trying to convince me to play golf with him. 5. Go shopping together - This is so much fun as long as you and partner like to shop! Some of the best gifts I have received are when I go shopping with my husband. He has such great taste and its fun to see what he picks out for me!

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