Dress up your Lululemons, please!

Lululemon Pants
I am totally guilty of living in my Lululemon pants - what's there not to like? They make me feel slimmer, sportier (looks like I just exercised) and are the easiest things to put on everyday without having to worry about assembling an outfit!
So now that I started off by sharing that, I feel comfortable saying - That's not ok! Being a fashion lover, a wife , and a working mom I have many roles in my daily life and being in my exercise clothes all the time just doesn't cut it.
My compromise has been wearing my workout clothes just three days a week and the days I wear them, I have started dressing them up a bit (post the workout that never happens!).

So here are a few simple tips for you to consider if you love your Lululemons as much as me!
1. Wear a really cool tee/tank
2. A nice jacket always help. I like to wear my Burberry jacket (photo below). A nice puffer jacket would look cute too.
3. If you are done working out, wear fun shoes. If its cold, I'll wear my Uggs but if the weather is warm, I love wearing fun flip flops.
4. Add one nice accessory. I love scarves so that's my go-to accessory but your could wear an embellished head band or a fun ring too.

Colorful Scarves
Example of Burberry Jacket

I love living in California and having the freedom to be dressed down but ladies, it feels good to dress up too so go ahead and dress up your Lululemons, please!

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