Essential Jackets & Coats for your Wardrobe.

Women's jackets - trench coats, blazers, denim jacket, leather jacket and any type of
outerwear for that matter - add a flair to any outfit. And for the cooler days, they might be the last finishing touch! A jacket can instantly add edge, trendiness or simply make an outfit look polished. 

Below is a list of jackets and coats that I consider essentials for any woman's wardrobe. Pick styles that flatter your figure best -

  • Boyfriend Blazer 
    Great wardrobe staple. Black or Navy blazer is a safe choice, if you want to be adventurous, go for a white tuxedo jacket. Looks especially great with jeans, dresses and short skirts. I particularly like a style which has cinched sleeves so you can wear some arm candy and has a little shape to it.
Example of the boyfriend blazer worn with a skirt, casual denim ensemble and a more dressy denim ensemble
  • Leather Jacket 
    Everyone should have at least one leather jacket whether it is a cropped motorcycle jacket or a longer, belted style. I love the combination of a cropped leather jacket over a long maxi dress as it balances the feminine style with some edginess. Be different and pick a leather jacket in a colored hue or a flesh tone.

Example of a cropped leather jacket with feminine outfits

Cropped leather jackets in different colors and styles
  • Denim Jacket
    This versatile pieces can be worn with pretty much any casual outfit. It never seems to go out of fashion and comes in so many styles and finishes. My personal favorite is a cropped denim jacket and love to wear it over short and long dresses.
    Example of denim jackets worn with different casual outfits

  • Trench Coat
    A trench coat is never out of style. When you don't know what jacket to wear with an outfit, reach for your trench coat! Whether you are going for a coffee with a friend or a job interview or a late-night drink, a trench just makes sense. Pick one in a neutral color like khaki, olive or tan as it goes with everything or be a fashion risk-taker and pick one in a bold hue of the season.
Example of trench coats in different styles and colors

  • Cardi-Wraps
    I can't have enough of these in my wardrobe! I love the combination of a cardigan and wrap and wear these with my workout clothes, casual outfits and formal outfits. They come in so many colors, textures and materials that you can wear these year round.
    Example of three different ways to wear a cardi-wrap

  • Woolen Coat
    A woolen coat is a wardrobe staple. Pick one that suits your figure and personality the best - either a solid color or with a slight embellishment or fur around the collar and sleeves or with a slight texture or pattern to it. 
    Example of different styles of woolen coats

  • Puffer Jacket
    It's great to have at least one puffer jacket in your wardrobe for the rainy season and the snow. People tend to have a love/hate relationship with this style. They love that they’re uber-warm and super comfy but hate that they can make one look like a sack of potatoes. So my suggestion would be to stick with slimming black styles or belted version
    Example of puffer jackets in different lengths and styles

  • Evening Coat
    Its nice to have an evening coat when you are dressed up as it completes the outfit. Go for a long style in silk or a short style in fur (real or faux). If you are more adventurous then go for a long style in fur (real or faux).
    Example of a fur evening cropped jacket
    Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus
    Example of a silk evening jacket
    Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus

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