Fashion faux pas!

Even lifestyle bloggers can have a fashion faux-pas day! Add it to my top ten, please. I went for my daughter's 2nd grade field trip to a farm dressed like I was out to a girl's luncheon!
My outfit for the farm!
While most parents were dressed for the occasion in hiking clothes and shoes, I came dressed in Hudson's bootcut jeans, Splendid Kimono-style top, a nice necklace and my Burberry flats! To my defense, I clearly missed the dress code in the materials sent to the parents and I had no idea what the field trip was going to be about! Our day comprised of gardening, a two hour nature hike, picnic by a stream and last but not least visiting the farm animals. I clearly was not dressed for THE OCCASION but my take away.. you can look stylish anywhere, anytime....even on a farm! Oh well.... you live and learn. I have no blisters and I came back in one piece  - here's a quick snapshot of my feet to prove it! Do share if you have had a fashion faux pas day....will make me feel a tad bit better!

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