Golden Globes Fashion

So excited that the award season is upon us as I absolutely love to watch, analyze and drool over the red carpet gowns. As always Black, White, Red and Metallic gowns dominated the red carpet but here are some new trends that I noticed this year on the Golden Globes Red Carpet. 1. White with black - White dresses with black embroidery, black lace, black ribbon or other black embellishments were all over the red carpet. Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.11.08 Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.11.40   Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.10.41 2. Halter Neckline - Many celebrities chose the halter neckline which showcases their toned arms and shoulders. Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.18.00 Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.18.22 Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.18.41 3. Two-tone Dresses - The two-tone look was also very popular with some celebrities favoring opposing colors and others donning tones of the same shade. Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.15.53 Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.16.10 Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.17.46 4. High-Low Ankle length Dresses - Continuing the trend from summer, these high-low ankle length dresses were a fresh look for the red carpet. Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.13.02Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.12.14Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.12.28 5. Maternity Fashion - Body conscious maternity fashion seemed to be the trend for the night. Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.30.22 Screenshot 2014-01-13 21.30.34

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