Happy 2014!

Wishing all of you the happiest new year! I am ready to start 2014 - I feel refreshed, energized and motivated after a nice vacation with my family. I’ve been spending time organizing my life – in every sense of the word. Purging paperwork piles, clearing out cupboards, and of course, making some resolutions. Not everyone loves the idea of New Year's resolutions, but I love to make them and have been doing so since I was 16 years old!  I love to share my resolutions with others and hear about their goals too as there is so much to learn from this simple exchange. So, I'd like to start this exchange by stating some of my "public" resolutions - 1. Be Healthy - This has been on the top of my list since I was 16! Initially it used to be written as "lose weight"! This entails eating healthy, exercising and emotional state of mind as well. 2. Quality over quantity - This applies to so many things in my life from things I buy to the friends I make to the time I spend with loved ones. I give myself a hard time that I don't do enough but with my new mantra, I am hoping to be at peace with myself. 3. Meaningful Communication - We live in the world of social media and while I love social media, I feel that sometimes it's not the appropriate means of communicating especially with loved ones. I  really want to make more of an effort for having meaningful communication. 4. Feel Successful - Success can be defined in so many ways but most people associate it with money; however, for me success is more about feeling good about making an effort, giving it my best and the learning that comes out of it. By the end of 2014, I want to feel successful. 5. Be a Source of Joy - This one doesn't need an explanation! Would love to hear what some of your resolutions are? Do share as there is so much to learn from one another. xo Malvika

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