Inspiration for Fall Planters!

Add some Fall color to your planters by using one or combining a few of the following plants.
Kale/cabbage- beautiful texture and colors. Very modern when clustered in a container alone. They often will outlast all other plants in a fall container. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.
Bittersweet berries- These are beautiful twisted around the finished planting design . They make the design truly unique. They start in their shells yellow and then burst open to shades of orange and red. These are often hard to find unless you are a florist. Although expensive, these berries last for weeks and weeks and are also great to use in decorating your harvest thanksgiving table.
Ornamental pepper plants- they have bright vivid colors and add a warm and extra element to fall container designs. 
English Ivy- This classic green is great for Fall Planters.
Grasses- Use them in the center of larger container plantings. Their wispy effects are perfect for fall's casualness and blow in the cool breeze.
Flowers- Pansies and Mums are great for adding Fall color. They come in a variety of shades of color and withstand colder temperatures and light frosts.
I love adding little embellishments like pumpkins, corn, owls, even mini scarecrows to my planters to give them that extra Fall touch 🙂
Here are a few pictures for inspiration:
Ideas for Fall DIY Planters:
White kale, small yellow mums, orange and yellow preserved leaves, ornamental grass and peppers
Large kale with bittersweet berries
Burgundy mums, mixed ornamental peppers, large kale and yellow pansies
Rust mums, small plum kale, multicolored pansies and orange preserved leaves
Ornamental cabbage, mums,pumpkins and purple fountain grass

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