Inspirational Women in my Community

The Heroines Amongst Us......... As a woman, I feel lucky to live in a world shared by inspirational women like Malala Yousafzai, Michele Obama, Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey (to name a few) each of whom is a success story in her own way. It’s important to celebrate the success of our fellow women leaders. Sometimes I feel women are way too critical of one another and need to be more supportive. Don't we want to have enough role models for our daughters? I heard more criticism about Sheryl Sandberg's book than praise. It surprises me! Can anyone deny that she is a highly accomplished woman? And that she chose to use her voice to encourage other women via her book? She could've also chosen to do nothing about it.  What about Oprah Winfrey? She is a phenomenal woman whose list of accomplishments are never ending yet somehow the conversation about her weight comes up. Is it really necessary to find some criticism? That got me thinking, I would really like to use my voice to acknowledge the women in my community, the heroines amongst us, that have inspired me and many others in my community. I chose five women who I personally know and admire and will feature them on my blog in the coming weeks. What's my motivation to do this? I am using my voice for something I feel passionately about...empowering women. Women are hard on ourselves and on each other but if that were reversed, we could foster great leaders. While interviewing each of these women and even within my own circle of friends, I have often noted that supportive friends and family are a key motivator for women to pursue their dreams. Going back to my point of being supportive. If someone inspires you then take a moment to acknowledge them! xoxo Malvika

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  1. Varuna mahajan
    19/10/13 at 4:40

    That’s great ! Acknowledging other people’s good points and how they inspire one is a wonderful way to live . When we look for it ,we find inspiration of some sort from a lot of people in our own environment .A spirit of gratitude is the mark of a great human being .I am very fortunate to be inspired by my mother and sister .

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