MBellished Life 2.0

I am so excited to launch my new and (much) improved logo and website!!! The new branding and look-and-feel are "very " much me as it captures all that I love 🙂 Did you see my logo is an Audrey Hepburn look-alike wearing an animal print dress, Chanel necklace, Louboutins and carrying a Birkin!!!!! When I first started blogging almost two years ago, it was all about just getting my thoughts out there but now it's so much more sophisticated and a fair amount of hard work, I must admit!!! But as they say, when you love doing something, it's not work but fun and I am having so much fun! I want to take a moment to thank my readers because if not for you, I would not be motivated to keep writing! I promise to keep things fresh, exciting and inspiring so do follow along by subscribing to my blog and help spread the word about MBellished Life! xoxo Malvika PS: Ending with this quote by Diane Von Furstenberg that resonated with me.

 Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 9.52.11 PM


  1. Varuna mahajan
    10/09/13 at 23:22

    The new logo and website look amazing .Looking forward to reading and following all the forthcoming articles. All the very best

    • mblife
      11/09/13 at 11:24

      Thank you!

  2. Raman Mahajan
    11/09/13 at 6:02

    Way to go Malvika. This blog looks very exciting and I hope to see your postings on regular basis.

    • mblife
      11/09/13 at 11:24

      Thank you 🙂

  3. Suzette Rennison
    11/09/13 at 13:20

    Your site looks amazing Malvika and yes, I noticed all the details of your new logo – love your Audrey girl ( :

    • mblife
      13/09/13 at 14:42

      Thanks Suzette! When a fashionista like you enjoys my blog, makes me feel good 🙂

  4. Arushi
    12/09/13 at 9:20

    Love love love your blog:). Way to go

    • mblife
      13/09/13 at 14:41

      Thank thank thank you!

  5. Meghna Sharma
    19/09/13 at 12:45

    I love the new look and feel…. its so you and speaks more to your blog. Thanks for all the wonderful tips on fashion, food, home, make-up etc. etc. I love your unique outlook to routine dilemmas and always feel like I’ve learned something new. Keep it coming Mals!!

    • mblife
      20/09/13 at 13:31

      Thank you Megs! Keep coming back to read…..

  6. Sanam Hoon
    19/10/13 at 3:23

    Fabulous and inspiring Malvika!!

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