Monday Blues….

Everyone can have an off day...its only human. Well today I am having an OFF DAY, partly cause its Monday partly cause I really want to solve the issue that is causing me the heart ache but its not that easy and partly cause it was Mother's Day yesterday, which is always a tough one for me for so many reasons.

As important it is to be well dressed, have a good diet, take care of your outward experience, it is equally (if not more) important to take care of your heart and how you feel in the inside as that is what gives you the strength to forge ahead everyday.

When I tend to feel sad, here are some things that really help me and by sharing them with you, I am hoping that they might help you too if you are ever at that point in your life -

Talk about it with a girlfriend or someone you trust - This is the first step in the healing process. Some people are very personal and don't like to share what they are feeling BUT believe me talking about what's hurting you inside with someone you trust is extremely therapeutic and healing. You receive the kindness and compassion you need to start the healing process so don't alienate yourself.

Find a physical outlet - Once all the emotions are out, I find that doing something physical like taking a walk, jogging, yoga, zumba, tennis or anything that gets your endorphins going, really helps too. There is so much frustration built up that its best to take it out on a physical activity. Some people may prefer having sex....I have heard that works too 🙂

Shop till you drop - I know this sounds COMPLETELY shallow but I do believe in retail therapy especially if the person causing you pain is your husband. There is something completely satisfying about spending HIS money on your spontaneous big purchase buys. I have done some of my best shopping on days when I am upset with my husband. That's why I LOVE online shopping, just sit in bed and shop away!

Communicate with the offender - Finally after you have vented with your girlfriend, exercised your frustrations out and shopped to your heart's content, maybe you are ready to have the heart to heart with the person who is causing you the pain. I am a big believer in COMMUNICATION. I believe it is the only way one can forge forward in any relationship. Just remember people are not mind-readers and everyone is different and they think differently hence communication is the only medium to solve the mysteries of behavior and patterns in our life. Its not easy to speak your mind but if your intentions are pure then you are doing the right thing.

Eat something indulgent - After a rough day like that make sure you eat your favorite dessert. You deserve it.

I hope this was helpful.


  1. 16/05/12 at 10:13

    I want to spend my husband’s money, and I’m not even having an off day!

  2. 16/05/12 at 18:25

    We are definitely related Hooney Macarooney!!!!

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