Organize your closets for the Fall/Winter Season.

Ever year, I organize my kid's, husband's and my own closet from spring/summer season to fall/winter season and vice versa.
This helps me easily find the items I need for the current season in a clutter-free way and makes room in my closet for new seasonal purchases.
By now, I have a simple strategy that pretty much applies across all our closets so here's my cheat sheet for what to put away - Tops/Dresses Women - spagetti strap tops, tank tops, summery tops, lightweight fabric tops, summer dresses, short sleeved cardigans.  Men - short sleeved T.shirts and shirts, linen shirts  Bottoms Women - summer skirts, capris, shorts and linen bottoms Men - shorts, linen pants, swim suits Accessories Women - summer hats, linen/cotton scarves, swim suits and coverups Shoes Women - summer wedges, flip flops, sandals, open toe shoes Men - flip flops While going through this exercise, I also try and do the following -
  • Categorize each piece in one of the four piles - keep, mend, donate, throw away. 
  • Toss mismatched hangers: Their irregular shapes take up more space, and the wire ones that dry cleaners use are hard on your clothes. 
If you have a small closet, place all of the above in airtight containers and store them away with mothballs or cedar wood for protection. If you have a large closet, stash these items in the back and bring forward your Fall/Winter stuff.

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