Organize your Jewelry!

I’m a pretty organized person, but I have been struggling with a solid, practical solution for my jewelry/hair accessories collection.
Currently I have half of my jewelry on my dresser on a jewelry stand, my earrings in an acrylic box on my dresser, my bangles, bracelets, and rings in bowls and my hair stuff in a separate area. It’s a huge pain to return everything to their proper location. And I hate that it’s not all together. It’s time for a new game plan.
I’ve been gathering inspiration for some time now and here are a few ideas that inspired me. Not only are they practical but also look very nice 🙂
Necklaces Hung in an artistic composition over a dresser or side table, doorknobs and drawer pulls make adorable hooks for jewelry. Paint the wall a dark, dramatic hue that contrasts the color of the knobs to create a whimsical, floating effect. You can find some cute knobs at Anthropologie.
Bangles, Bracelets, Rings, Hair pins Convert a dresservanity or bathroom drawer into your very own treasure chest. Simply fill it with assorted little bowls, teacups and saucers and divide jewelry among them. 
Earrings Pick a nice frame and run some beading wires across it to hang your earrings.  This is so easy to make, and you will have all your pretty earrings at plain sight, no more digging for a matching earring and untangle it from all other earrings. 
I love how these dressers look with the jewelry well organized around it and on it. I like to have a vase full of fresh flowers or a candle or family photos in vintage frames along with my jewelry on a dresser.

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  1. 14/06/12 at 9:31

    Lovely ideas, earrings frames are a great idea!

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