Pop of Color for your Backyard

Spring is here - flowers are blossoming, trees are budding, bees are buzzing and allergies are in full bloom.
I love this season as it represents new beginnings and who doesn't want a new beginning right? Well, I was inspired to add a little color to my backyard this weekend by refreshing my planters. In the past, I hired a landscaper designer to refresh my planters as it seemed like a daunting task but since I was feeling inspired, I decided to take matters into my own hands and am really pleased with the outcome. Plus it was a fun project to do with my kids too.
Step-by-step guide to spring planters:
  • Start with selecting some nice planters in different colors or textures but make sure that they have something in common like the style or texture or pattern on them.
  • Select plants of different textures, colors and heights. Make sure the plants are for the appropriate climate and sun exposure.
  • Add some pebbles to the base of the planter that will help with water retention and drainage.
  • Add your potting soil, pop your plant in, add some more soil and water well.
  • Voila you are done.
If you have a large planter, like the one in this picture then you might want to add multiple plants in one planter for a dramatic effect. The key to the drama is to add one plant that is leafy and bushy, one plant that is trailing, and then one plant that has colorful flowers.  If you have a shady spot and can't add color, pick plants that are different shades of green and that can look really effective too.
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