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Chic Oversized Clutches

Love, love oversized clutches. They are an absolute must-have accessory.  Pick one that suits your mood or style. I have one of each - Neutral, Exotic, Color Blocked and Bright and still can't have enough. Most of these chic carry-alls can fit a wallet, cell phone, lipstick, keys (a diaper and wipes, if necessary too!)


You can wear Leopard!

Out of all the animal prints, leopard print is probably my favorite. I love it mainly because

  • If you tend to wear neutrals, it really jazzes things up.
  • It rarely ever goes out of fashion especially if you buy something classic like a blazer or a pump in leopard print.
  • It tends to brings out the inner diva in you!

Whether you are in your 20's, 30's, 40's or older, you can totally wear this print. However, the key is to wear it age appropriately.
20's - Pick any shape or color, sky's the limit. You can really have fun and wear leopard print in bright colors and bold patterns.
30's - Stick to neutral colors but  feel free to add some contrast, stick to classic shapes and interesting fabrics like cashmere, corduroy, etc.
40's and older - Best to stick to small patterns and neutral colors when wearing it in clothes. And wearing it in small doses like a belt, cuff, or ballet flats.

You Can Wear Leopard!


Dress up your man for Fall!

I have done many posts on Women's Fall Fashion so here's one for the man in your life!
The secret to a well dressed man, is a woman. Doesn't always have to be his wife, it can be his mother or even his daughter. Trust me, I speak from experience:-) 
Its easy for men to always go for the same look but you can help them by making a few tweaks in their closet this Fall.

Quilted Vest
This versatile piece is timeless. Pick one that is a bit shrunken this Fall.

Anything Cashmere
Ahhh the warmth of cashmere. Sweaters, scarves or socks..anything works.

So many choices in outerwear. Go for a leather moto jacket or a nylon puffer jacket or a wool peacoat or a corduroy sports coat - whatever suits your personality.

Colored Pants
Colored Pants are so in fashion right now. The top fall colors are purple, camel, burgundy, hunter green or grey.

Men's Fall Fashion Trends