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The Versatility of a Chambray Shirt!

Invest in a Chambray Shirt this summer. This extremely versatile piece comes in many different styles (fitted, sleeveless, oversized, faded etc) and price points.


Printed Denim in the Spotlight

Printed Denim is having a moment right now. Most major brands like Hudsons, Joe's Jeans, Paige Denim, etc have their most poplar jeans in printed denim available now.


You can wear Leopard!

Out of all the animal prints, leopard print is probably my favorite. I love it mainly because

  • If you tend to wear neutrals, it really jazzes things up.
  • It rarely ever goes out of fashion especially if you buy something classic like a blazer or a pump in leopard print.
  • It tends to brings out the inner diva in you!

Whether you are in your 20's, 30's, 40's or older, you can totally wear this print. However, the key is to wear it age appropriately.
20's - Pick any shape or color, sky's the limit. You can really have fun and wear leopard print in bright colors and bold patterns.
30's - Stick to neutral colors but  feel free to add some contrast, stick to classic shapes and interesting fabrics like cashmere, corduroy, etc.
40's and older - Best to stick to small patterns and neutral colors when wearing it in clothes. And wearing it in small doses like a belt, cuff, or ballet flats.

You Can Wear Leopard!


Loving the Color Burgundy!

Burgundy is a gorgeous, rich color that looks great on most skin tones. Fair skin should opt for wine tones while darker skin should opt for chocolate undertones.
There are so many ways to incorporate this color to your wardrobe this season.
Makeup - indulge in a rich lipstick or Burgundy-color nails
Accessories - Burgundy bags are neutral enough to carry everyday or go for burgundy gloves or jewelry
Outerwear - Love the look of a burgundy leather biker jacket or a stylish blazer.
Dresses - Tons of burgundy dresses to choose from this season.
Jeans - Go for a coated burgundy pair or a comfy corduroy.

Loving the Color Burgundy!