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Spring’s lust-worthy Handbags

I am so bored with all the dark winter colors and can not wait to add a jolt of color to my wardrobe this spring! Since I love my accessories, I'm pretty sure a new handbag is in the horizon! I have started my research process so thought I would share some of my top picks for spring.
In case you are thinking of investing in a new handbag too, check out these handbags from some of my favorite designers in beautiful pastel spring colors like pink, blush, lavender and salmon and also in bold colors like shocking pink and orange. There are many styles to choose from as well - the Cross body style like the classic Hermes to shoulder bags from Ferragamo, Valentino, and Chanel to totes from Balenciaga, Valentino and Chloe. 
If you have seen a beautiful Spring purse that caught your eye, please do share!

Spring Lust-Worthy Handbags

Valentino studded tote 
$2,210 -

Chanel bag

Chloé zippered tote bag 
$1,615 -

Valentino studded handbag
$1,720 -

Salvatore ferragamo handbag


Polka Dots Anyone?

I am in the mood for Polka Dots these days. Didn't realize I could get cravings for patterns like I do for food but apparently I do!
Polka Dots remind me of Audrey Hepburn so here's a cute outfit inspired by her.
Pair a cute Polka Dot top like the one below with the Peter Pan collar with stylishly cut black capri pants. Add some stylish cat eye sunglasses and a vintage Chanel bag to complete the look. For a modern twist to this classic look, add some leopard flats. I usually don't feel comfortable mixing pattern with pattern but in this case both patterns are in the same color family so they work together.

Polka Dots Anyone?

Polka dot top


Chanel handbag

Gucci cat eye sunglasses
$295 -