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Mother’s Day Bling!

David Yurman's Starburst Ring
Love Mother's Day! I wish it happened more than once a year because that would just feel right:-) Since I am in a bling-y type of mood, I am sharing my top picks for gifts in bling! ...continue reading the story called Mother’s Day Bling!


Make Mom feel special this Mother’s Day!

Mother's day is on May 13th and I am every excited about this day.
Why not? It's a day for being celebrated as a mom as well as celebrating your mom. It's a day of showing mom that she is loved, cherished and appreciated. It's a happy day. 
Read this post while planning for your mom and then make sure to share with your husband and kids, if you are a mom, so they can get some tips for planning your day too 🙂

So what would an ideal mother's day be?
Well, that really depends on how old the kids are....

If your kids are under the age of 5 yrs:
A little time away from them could be a nice treat since they are at a demanding age and when mom is around, they only want her. A spa treatment or a workout away could be a nice break.

If your kids are between ages 5 to 10 yrs:
One planned activity together as a family would be great. Sunday brunch or a family activity like bowling, bike ride, tennis. 

If your kids are between ages 10 to 20 yrs:
A meal and an activity together would make a nice day. It definitely gets easier by this age but the kids might not want to spend an entire day with their parents. So an early dinner or a brunch followed by a movie or some activity could be great quality time.

If your kids are over 20 years:
You could possibly spend an entire day together! That is, if you are living in the same city.

For some families, giving a gift is definitely a sign of love so here are some thoughts on how you can make your mom feel loved and special on Mother's Day.
1. If your mom is a homebody, let her sleep in. That is a true treat. And when she wakes up, make her a special breakfast, served on a nicely laid table. Make her favorite things for breakfast. Check out my post on Sunday Brunch for some egg recipes and table setting ideas. Being at home and not having to do a single think like cleaning, laundry or picking up after everyone is an indulgence for her.

2. If your mom likes spas, give her a nice body cream (I love Jo Malone Body Cream in Grapefruit) along with a gift certificate to her favorite spa. A nice touch would be to make an appointment in advance on Mother's Day. After her treatment, the whole family can have a meal together somewhere.

3. If your mom likes to workout, give her a gift certificate to her favorite workout apparel store (I love Lululemon) and schedule a family hike or bike ride for the day. Pack a special picnic and surprise her after the hike/bike.

4. If your mom likes to shop, give her a gift certificate to her favorite store (Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales) and maybe arrange a personal shopper to meet her there. After her shopping spree, the whole family can get together for a meal.

5. If your mom likes to cook, give her a cool apron like the one below or buy her a cook book she has been wanting along with a gift certificate for cooking classes at a favorite place. 

Plenty Cookbook

Last but not least, end the day by telling her how much you love her.