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Thai Food made Easy!

I love Thai food which is why these are my two favorite recipes to make at home. They are very easy to make and your kids should like them too as they don't have too many complicated flavors. Serve both with steamed rice. If bok choy isn't your thing, then serve stir fry vegetables with the chicken to complete the meal.


Black Forest Pudding, Peach Crumble & More….

My cousin, Ruchira, writes a food blog - The Great Cookaroo. She is a phenomenal cook and can just whip things up effortlessly. I am so jealous of that talent!!!! I wish we lived closer to each other so I could benefit from her cooking but alas we live on opposite sides of the world.


Ideas for Thanksgiving Appetizers

I recently attended a fun cooking party, which was taught by a company called Parties that Cook! 
Below are some fun and fairly simple appetizer recipes by them. While everyone is finalizing their thanksgiving menus, here are a few to consider! ...continue reading the story called Ideas for Thanksgiving Appetizers