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The World of Scarves!

Scarves are the most versatile accessory and can help complete any outfit. They can be worn all year long with all the different fabrics available from linen to silk to wool to cashmere and can be worn in so many ways that the sky is literally the limit.
Heavier or thicker scarves look better with outerwear, while the lighter ones look great with a t-shirt or a sweater.
Some of my favorites ways to wear a scarf is with jeans, tee, and a blazer or then with a dress and a jacket or even with my workout clothes.
Here are a few of my favorite ways to tie a scarf:

Simple tie. Best with your winter coat's collar turned up and the scarf lying under the collar to help secure it.
One loop around. Wrap long scarf once around neck.
Loop around and knot. Fold a large triangular scarf or shawl with fringe in half with the points in front. Wrap around back once and tie in front. 
Bib style. Take a square scarf and fold in half. Tie in back. 
Shawl wrap. Drape around your shoulders and tie in front. Or leave one end longer and sweep it over your shoulder for more drama and warmth. 
Fold, tie, and loop. Fold long scarf in half lengthwise, wrap around your neck, and pull the ends through   

Below are some pictures of scarves tied in some of my favorite ways:

Some of my favorite scarf designers are:
Burberry - For their signature Nova Check Cashmere scarf
Gucci - For their signature GG scarves that come in a wide variety of fabrics and sizes
Hermes - For their silk scarves that can be worn even as a top or a head bandana
Diane Von Furstenberg - For her vibrant patterned scarves
Emilio Pucci - For their signature abstract colorful scarves
Missoni - For their signature scarves.