Unconventional Picnic Idea.

Here's an unconventional idea for a family picnic - visit a winery!
We have so many to choose from in the Bay Area but the one that is most convenient and easy to get to is Picchetti Winery located just off Highway 280 in Cupertino. This is one of the oldest wineries in California and offers a variety of wines from various regions.
Its a great little spot with a small, yet tasteful tasting room, nice grounds with picnic tables, plenty of lawn space for kids to play, free roaming peacocks and roosters and lots of sunshine.
I was first introduced to this winery by my sister and on a rare day like today when there are no kid's activities or birthday parties or play dates, we love to go there and spend a lazy afternoon.
Frankly, I like going to this winery more for the picnic part and less for wine tasting but the combination of the two is unbeatable:-)

Here are some tips to make a fun day out of your visit to Picchetti:
- Invite another family, the more the merrier.
- Pack a nice picnic of some assorted cheese, cold cuts, bread and crackers, fruits and cupcakes and buy a nice bottle of chilled white wine or a robust Super Tuscan from the winery to go with it.
- Take a croquet set or soccer ball for entertainment.
- Wear comfortable shoes as you can take a nice hike from the winery.
- If you are without kids and want to taste some more wine, just up the hill is Ridge Vineyards.
Picchetti Winery 

13100 Montebello Road 

Cupertino, CA 95014 
Phone : (408) 741-1310 
Fax : (408) 741-5213

Open: 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

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