What’s your Style?

Your style is personal. Your style defines you. Your style is the expression of your personality. 
No single look is right for everybody in all situations. Even when people have the same profession they may express their unique personality through their style. What feels the best often looks the best.  
As a woman, I think its important to be stylish and please don't mistake that for being trendy or fashionable or high maintenance. Being stylish is about being put together no matter what the occasion or time of day.
Do you wonder what your style is?

Glamourous Style
If you like glamourous style then more than likely you like to wear romantic flowy, feminine clothing, soft make-up and your overall look is pretty. Ruffles, lace, and velvet attracts you.  Girly accents attract you. You prefer long, flowy hair. Accents with bows, delicate jewelry, and oversized sun glasses are all up your alley. Celebrities: Jessica Alba

Classic Style
The classic look never goes out of style. It is timeless beautiful. Women with classic style prefer clothes that are simple, elegant, beautifully cut in fine natural fabrics. They like beautifully made shoes and handbags. Tradition is important. A classic woman may wear a black Armani suit, black turtleneck and a black slack. Although she won’t be the flashiest person in a room, she will always look good. Celebrities: Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie

Dramatic Style
Women with dramatic style tend to be self-confident and flamboyant. They wear defined eye makeup and use their face like an artist beautifies a canvas. The Dramatic fashion style tends to have a sophisticated and modern look. High Fashion- or Dramatic or Creative Fashion Personality:  They like to make a statement with clothing and jewellery.  They may like trying different hair styles and colors. They prefer clothing styles that are simple but sexy. Celebrities: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj

Trendy Style

Women with trendy style are bold, carefree and confident. They often dress by mixing different clothes and patterns together. The present and what’s “in” are important to her. They are influenced by celebrity fashion, fashion magazines, and fashion designers. They know how to have fun with fashion, and are true “fashionistas.” Celebrities:  Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller

Casual Style
Women who have a casual style lean towards T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, and pants. They like stretch fabrics and elastic waistbands because of the comfort factor. Women with this style have a wholesome look. They wear minimal make-up, with maybe a touch of lipstick or mascara. Their clothing is comfortable and cosy and are a time-less Fashion Personality. 

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